Woven Promises - Unraveled Victims

by Spawn From Deceit

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CONTACT: spawnfromdeceit [at] gmail.com


released May 17, 2013

Roope Björk - Vocals
Kaapro Gröhn - Guitar
Ville Luosa - Bass
Tuomo Outinen - Drums

MIxed and mastered by Konsta Vehkala.




Spawn From Deceit Kokkola, Finland

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Track Name: Poverty Slaine?
Rich minority of pigs
Make our decisions

Hereby you declare poverty slaine?

They're blinded by greed
Ignore everything they order

The whole mankind is in the grip of money
Track Name: Murha
Ette tiedä mitä minä koin
Ei teillä ole hajuakaan
Miltä tuntuu tappaa ihminen
Jonka perhe kotona odottaa

En anna tekojani anteeksi
Ei kenenkään tulisi ryhtyä sotiin

En ole sankari, olen murhaaja
Kadun joka ikistä ampumaani luotia

Monien lasten isät murhasin
Ja vaimot odottivat turhaan miehiään
Kaatuneita isiään

Sota voitettiin, itsekunnioitus hävittiin
Sankariksi kutsuvat tietämättömät
Ylistävät ja kehuvat, melkein palvovat
Tappamisessa ei ole koskaan ollut mitään hienoa

[Murder - Song about mistaking war veterans as heroes instead of murderers. They did what they had to do, took no pride in their actions and most certainly did not do them willingly.]
Track Name: Squat The World
Arresting punks around the streets
What happened to human rights
You can't change one's beliefs
Useless struggles and useless fights

I'm sick and tired of the force
Police can use without a cause
There's no point in obeying laws
If you're getting busted anyway

Let's unite for demonstrations
Fuck the law, squat the world

This is no proper police activity
Remember our friends who now are fenced
We may not know what we're for
But we certainly know what we're against

It's time to defend our culture
Start a riot like never heard

Indonesia - What the fuck?
Track Name: Kuurojen Puolue
Edustuksellinen demokratia
Puolueellinen tyrannia
En näe mitään eroa

Kuurojen puolue - ei meitä kiinnosta
Puoluepolitiikan edessä
ei kansan äänellä ole väliä

Presidentinvaaleissa äänestän idioottia
Että sen sais vittuun päätöksenteosta
Missä viipyy valistuksellinen oligarkia?

Sitten vielä kysytään, miksi äänestän
Aku Ankkaa

[Party of the Deaf - Representative democracy shoots the very idea of democracy in the knee. Virtually, the vote you cast might end up helping a completely different politician to get elected. And then again, if you vote for a single person, he or she is still forced to act under the way of his or her partys ideologies even if they differ completely from his or her views.]
Track Name: Widespread Hunger
The rich kids got the power
To consume, waste and contaminate
Factory farming and juvenile ignorance
Leads us to a global near-famine state

Money buys devastation
Constantly consuming more than you need
Widespread hunger
Until we got no more mouths to feed

Overpopulation is the cause
We malnourish our children - We starve
And no one knows what the fuck we can do
Track Name: Alteration
Predestination beyond understanding
Stereotypes could be collapsing

Future greases the gears of war

You chose to turn the blind eye
Mankind is the death of life

Run away in regret
Future greases the gears of war
Breathe the wind of change, please
Track Name: Punainen Lanka
Verisillä käsillä
Kirjoitan viestiä
Mitä olen tekemässä?
Miten päädyin tähän?

Mutten saa aikaan edes itsemurhaa

Minä tarvitsen punaisen langan
Johdattamaan minut takaisin
Minä tarvitsen oppaan elämään
Olen sekaisin

Alkoholismista masennukseen
En löydä tietä onneen
Kaikki toivo sekä elämänhalu
Tuntuu kadonneen

En löydä tietä kotiin
Minut unohdettiin
Haluan elämäni takaisin
Mutten pärjää yksin

[The Red Thread - Society evicts some people away from it's loving grip and then doesn't do shit to help them get back on track with their life. Depression, alienation and loneliness are much bigger and much more universal problems than they seem. Hear the cries of those in need.]
Track Name: Slakteriet Brinner
Sista gången skall blodet rinna
När slakteriet börjar brinna
Slut på industrin som är ett dålig skämt
Bara askan påminner oss om vad har hänt

Djur kan inte prata för sina rättigheter
Därför ger jag en chans till
Kämpa emot industrin som liknar tortyr
Före jag tänder stickan

[The Slaughterhouse Burns - Song for the animals who can't defend them selves against the acts of greedy humans. Sung in swedish as a tribute to the grind/crust scene in Sweden.]
Track Name: Ahimsa Weakens
The individualistic western
This stubborn ideology
harms our unity

Ahimsa leeched out
We fall one by one
To build and then break
Only ingratitude sustains

We fall and might never rise again

Man is the antithesis of kind
As people we were born
As tyrants we'll die

Blessed be, grateful
Prepare to die
This nation feeds the dead
With the flesh of the alive
Track Name: Futile Foray
Fuck your preconceptions

I'm sick of the stereotypes
Sick of the standards
I'm sick of this categorizing
Sick of these "deserved" rights

It doesn't make one skillful
Neither unsatisfactory
If she has ink on her skin
Or if he spikes his hair

For you I'm not an applicant
I'm just an abhorrence
My manifestation is distorted
Because? Because I'm different

We should be "normal"
If we wish to be treated equally
The "normal people" stole my jobs
We mustn't be "special"
If we wish to sustain our lives
The "normal people" stole my jobs
Track Name: Volition
Fire at will
Release me from agony
Fire at will
Please set me free

Suicide means giving up
It's dignity locked up
Even if it's the easy way
It proves me against myself

Against myself
Fire at will
Please set me free

What is one with strong beliefs
But no guts to live by them
A quitter, a fraud
A knife in ones own back
Track Name: Utilizing Spirit
It's absurd to think that animals exist
Just for the benefit of us
If you want to support this madness
Fine, but together we could make things change

Wasting resources
Destroying environment
It's all up to you
Exploiting the living
And thinking creatures
It's all up to you

The western beauty standards are destroying
lots of lives just for a pretty face
And if these animals feed or clothe you
Then show some fucking respect
Track Name: Escape
You're afraid of being left behind
Quarantined by toxics to feel alive
Chance to let go is your only drive
Ran dry by the routine, another week goes by

You chose to escape
You chose to be addicted

Beyond cognition
Beyond reality
Make believe-paradise
The Perfect Escape

Expanding your useless mind
Every attempt seems to be futile
Taking shortcuts, the easy way out
The worst part: you actually seem to be proud

Your addictions
Become your slavemaster
Track Name: Now
I'm tired of you saying
That we are all dying
You can't count letters
So don't bother to trying

I want us dead
I want it now
I want this to end
Armageddon NOW

There wouldn't be hate
There wouldn't be greed
If we all would blow up
We should never have to breed

Seek your inner self
It's worthless to continue
Track Name: Happiness
Walking the steps of failure again and again
Losing hope for this helpless world

I'm surrounded by idiots and traitors
Death, Suicide, rejection, oblivion
I'm cornered by soulless fuckers
Persecution, deprivation, alienation

I'm so fucking happy that the sun could blow up